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Robert Pagliarini


Robert Pagliarini has an amazing job. He gets to work with people from all over the world who come into money overnight. Robert is the president of Pacifica Wealth Advisors -- a wealth management firm located in Orange County, California that has developed a national reputation for working with sudden wealth recipients – those that come into a windfall from inheritance, lawsuit settlement, divorce, stock options, business sale, sports/entertainment contract, or the lottery. Robert is a CFP who uses his dual masters in financial services and the other in psychology to address the financial and often psychological issues around sudden money. Robert is a #1 bestselling author of The Six Day Financial Makeover: Transform Your Financial Life in Less Than a Week, as well as The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose. Robert writes several financial columns. In addition to this one for AOl/DailyFinance, Robert writes on for CBS that is a syndicated in newspapers across the country as well as a columnist for the HuffingtonPost and Forbes. Robert writes frequently about the financial and emotional issues around divorce financial planning and inheritance financial planning. Robert is often called upon by the media for his financial advice and has appeared on Dr. Phil, 20/20, Good Morning America, ABC News, and recently on Katie Couric (watch Robert as a lottery financial advisor on Katie’s show here: http://www.pacificawealth.com/wealth-management/lottery-financial-advisors/).

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