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Mathew Schwartz

Editor-in-Chief, DailyFinance

Mathew Schwartz began his career in journalism among the ink-stained veterans of a large Gannett newspaper. In his time as an editor there, he worked on nearly every section of the paper, guided the launch of a hip weekly lifestyle magazine for 20- and 30-somethings, and helped lead a major expansion of the paper’s Internet presence as a web editor. As a side gig, he was a staff concert critic, reviewing the likes of Madonna, Barenaked Ladies, Tim McGraw, Gavin DeGraw, Bob Dylan and Ani DiFranco. But it was his talent for parsing numbers that drew him to business journalism and DailyFinance, where he is now responsible for every mistake you see in the articles on the site, and most of the ones you don’t. Who, after all, would want to spend their days on the rock star beat when they could be following the money? Not him!

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