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Cathy Curtis


Cathy's siblings always knew she had a brain for business. As a girl, she made up a game called "Important Papers" where she played office using cancelled checks and old receipts she collected from her dad. During the summer as a teen she would work at businesses downtown instead of going to summer camp. She became interested in the stock market in her late teens and became fascinated that money could be made by investing in companies. The fascination extended to personal finance, and she learned all she could about money management. She left a corporate career in 2000 to start her own financial planning and investing practice - a life long dream - and has never looked back. Now she helps women and their families with financial planning and investing and is happiest when she feels like she has made a positive difference in her clients' lives. Cathy writes for her own blog, Of Independent Means and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Investment News, Financial Planning Magazine and Money Magazine. She is also a frequent public speaker on personal finance related topics.

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