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Barnes & Noble Shareholders Rubber-Stamp Poison Pill

Back in September, billionaire Ron Burkle lost his proxy war with Barnes & Noble's board, failing to kill the poison pill that kept him from upping his stake in the company. That made Wednesday's shareholders meeting all but a formality. But what's next for the nation's largest bookseller?

Burkle Sues Barnes & Noble Over Poison Pill

Billionaire Ron Burkle, founder of Yucaipa Cos., is suing Barnes & Noble in an attempt to derail the "poison pill" measure the bookseller adopted last year to prevent his hostile takeover attempt.

Burkle Fights Barnes & Noble's Rejection

Billionaire Ron Burkle is still fighting Barnes & Noble's rejection of his bid to buy up a mountain of stock late last year, complaining in a letter to the board filed with the SEC that the board is trying to protect the financial interests of chairman Leonard Riggio and CEO Steve Riggio.

As Layoffs Loom, Borders Group CEO Hits the Exit

Borders CEO Ron Marshall is leaving the company to become CEO of the supermarket chain A&P. Marshall leaves after less than a year at the company, which just posted poor holiday earnings and is facing substantial layoffs.