MySpace Launches Massive Overhaul

The faltering social network is relaunching as a multimedia platform aimed at Gen Y. It's a radical departure from the format that made it the world's largest social network -- before Facebook stole that crown and ran with it. The new MySpace takes more of a portal approach.

Is Yahoo's Carol Bartz the Most Overpaid CEO?

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has been praised for her blunt, foul-mouthed management style. But with shares of the company down more than 14% this year, her $39 million pay package is a little hard to swallow.

Muzzled Reporter Says 'Maw of Yahoo' No Place for Journalism

Yahoo (YHOO) has been trying to leverage its leading position in the portal business into a comparable dominance of premium content. But it's not so easy for a technology company to build a culture of journalism -- as the defection of one of its high-profile journalists illustrates.

Is Facebook Worth $33 Billion?

The value of huge social networking operation Facebook is a matter of endless debate among experts. The company has over 500 million members, but by most estimates will have revenue of only $1 billion to $1.5 billion this year. Could it really be worth over $33 billion?

Facebook Says Advertisers Are Ramping Up Spending

Facebook advertisers have gone on a spending spree, according to the world's largest social media site, with some companies boosting their ad budgets by 2000%. Facebook rivals must be concerned. The site now ranks fourth among all Internet destinations in the U.S.

Microsoft Vice President: We're Still No. 1

In an extraordinary blog post, Microsoft's Frank Shaw pressed a case for the company's primacy in the world of technology -- clearly a reaction to its many critics and skeptical analysts on Wall Street, where Microsoft's share price is less than half the level it was in 1999.

Pakistan Threatens to Block Anti-Islamic Web Content

Pakistan plans to monitor Google and its YouTube site, as well as Yahoo, Amazon, and Microsoft's MSN, Hotmail and Bing for anti-Islamic content, saying it will block links to certain content on those sites if it deems it necessary.

Microsoft Publicly Takes Google to Task Over Its Practices

Microsoft criticized Google for failing to adequately respond to a recent European Commission investigation into its market share and practices. In a blog post, Microsoft's deputy general counsel wrote that Google is trying to place the blame on Microsoft rather than take responsibility for its own actions.

Yahoo Calls Off Sale of Small Business Unit

Yahoo has put the sale of its small-business unit on hold after finding a shortage of interest, DailyFinance has learned. As part of its drive to shed non-core properties, Yahoo had started looking to sell the unit, which provides Internet services to small-business clients, last summer.

Yahoo Drawn Into Google's Cyber War With China

Yahoo was drawn into the growing cyber-war between Google and the Chinese government after it declared its support of the U.S.-based search giant. Google threatened to pull out of China after it became the victim of a massive cyber attack that is believed to be masterminded by the Chinese government.

Did Yahoo CEO Bartz Grade Herself on a Curve?

Yahoo's Carol Bartz gave herself a "B minus" when Bloomberg News asked her to grade her first year running the Internet portal. Later this month, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company's earnings report will provide more data to test that evaluation.

Why Google Wants to Buy Yelp

Google is negotiating to buy local business review site Yelp for as much as $500 million, or at least that is what tech industry website TechCrunch is reporting. Yelp, which lets reviewers rate local businesses, has over 9 million unique visitors a month according to Internet research company Comscore.

November Search: All About Google

Internet giant Google grew its U.S. market share by a full percentage point to 71.6 percent in November, according to Web traffic tracker Hitwise. See how Google's gain impacted Bing and Yahoo.

Bing loses its bang with fewer ads

The monthly search engine rankings have become something of a must-read for those who follow the space, with Microsoft's vaunted Bing making huge...