Yelp IPO's Profit Enigma: Is the Site Making Money?

After reading the breathless media coverage about the rumored $2 billion Yelp IPO, I have one question: Does the online-review site make money? None of the articles made any mention, but profitability is the issue that should be first on investors' minds.

Is the Internet Killing Your Favorite Restaurant?

Running a restaurant has never been easy, but it's getting harder to succeed these days for eateries that shun the social couponing and new media games. A decade ago, all you needed was a strong concept, a healthy strategy and a few ads in the local paper, but the Internet has changed everything.

Fake Product-Review Sites: How Buyers Can Beware

Shoppers looking for advice from their fellow consumers have a tough enough time sifting out the false reviews posted on legitimate product-review sites. But there's a worse problem out there online: "Nefarious" websites entirely devoted to promoting merchandise with fake reviews.

7 Ways to Spot Fake Online Reviews

If you often use online reviews to help you make purchasing decision, you needn't employ a secret algorithm to ferret out the fakes. Follow these tips to find the critiques that count.

Zagat and Google Chat About the Future of Reviews

On Thursday, Google bought Zagat, a reviewing empire that represents the gold standard for crowd-sourced content. So to get a glimpse of what the future holds for the search giant, the review company, and Internet reviews in general, we've talked with Google VP Marissa Meyer and Zagat founders Tim and Nina Zagat.

Zagat and Google: A Match Made in Foodie Heaven?

On Thursday morning, the announcement went out across the land: Google, the undisputed masters of search, had acquired Zagat, America's best-known and most highly-regarded restaurant review company. The companies presented the merger in rosy terms, but it didn't take long for the snarky critiques to begin.

How the Zagats Created a Social Reviewing Empire

Before social media was a gleam in the Internet's eye, Tim and Nina Zagat built a crowd-sourced culinary reviewing empire out of the simple idea that ordinary people could rank restaurants as well as any famous critic. Here's how they did it, and where the Zagat's guides are headed in the Digital Age.

Facebook Comments: Not the End of Anonymity, Just a Blow for Civility

In the wake of popular blog TechCrunch's adoption of Facebook's Comments plug-in to control the virulent, useless and nasty comments on its site, the Internet has erupted with screeds about the death of anonymity. But DailyFinance columnist Alex Salkever isn't worried -- he's relieved.

Three Tech Trends to Watch in 2011

What are some things in the tech world to look forward to in 2011? Here are a few things in my crystal ball worth keeping an eye on in the tech sector: Consolidation in enterprise computing, a check-in shakeout and a surge in crowd-sourcing businesses.

Yelp Targets FourSquare With Merchant Check-In Rewards

San Francisco local ratings giant Yelp rolled out a new offering last week that allows merchants to provide rewards or discounts to Yelp users who check in at stores or restaurants. This move has been long anticipated as Yelp battles FourSquare.

Yelp Goes Groupon: Who Will Win in Local Deals?

Watch out, Groupon: Local reviews site Yelp has begun rolling out weekly deals in a number of cities. While the group buying site has a big leap on Yelp, there are many reasons why the latecomer could bridge the gap quickly.

Legal Briefing: Lawsuits Move Forward Against BP in Alabama

Consumers who write negative Internet reviews are increasingly facing "SLAPP" suits from the businesses being panned, reports The New York Times. These "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation" have only one real purpose: to silence the critics.

Yelp: Our Site Isn't Biased, and We'll Prove It

Amid a firestorm of criticism and lawsuits, Yelp, the popular website that lets anyone review local businesses, is instituting some changes to show it doesn't manipulate its results: It's eliminating the "Favorite Review" ad feature, and letting users peek behind the curtain of its review filter.

Yelp Says No to Google, Maybe
to an IPO

Yelp, the local business review website and social network, has apparently walked away from a Google buyout offer that was reportedly as high as $550 million, and is instead positioning itself for an IPO.

Why Google Wants to Buy Yelp

Google is negotiating to buy local business review site Yelp for as much as $500 million, or at least that is what tech industry website TechCrunch is reporting. Yelp, which lets reviewers rate local businesses, has over 9 million unique visitors a month according to Internet research company Comscore.