Disney and Yahoo Eye an Internet TV Deal

Disney is considering lending some of the keys to its television kingdom to Yahoo for its Yahoo Connected TV. If Yahoo is successful in inking such a deal, it would bolster its Internet TV efforts and put on better footing to compete against rival products such as Google TV and Apple TV.

Paul Allen's Patent-Licensing Firm Dealt Blow in IP Lawsuit

A patent lawsuit brought by Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen against Apple, Google, and Yahoo,among others, has been dismissed. The judge found the suit, which failed to specify the products or devices that infringed on patents from Allen's company, too vague.

Yahoo and Google to Pair Up in Japan

Japanese authorities gave the OK for Yahoo Japan and Google to partner on a new service in the country as long as the companies continued to remain separate.

Forbes Media Taps a CEO Not Named Forbes: Mike Perlis

Forbes Media is reaching outside the family ranks for the first time to name a new CEO, the company announced Tuesday. Veteran venture capitalist and media executive Mike Perlis will assume his new post Dec. 1, replacing longtime CEO and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes.

Layoffs or Not, Yahoo's Struggles May Be Mounting

Yahoo has denied reports of an impeding 20% cut, but the controversy raises the question of whether the company's fourth-quarter performance and year-end results are shaping where it expects to be. One thing to watch for the holidays: The ratio of paid ads to Yahoo house ads.

Private-Equity Firms Ask Alibaba to Join Yahoo Bid

A group of private-equity investors is calling on the CEO of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group to throw his support behind a buyout offer for Yahoo, Reuters reports. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is reportedly considering his options regarding the U.S. firm that holds a 40% stake in his company.

Yahoo Appoints Ross Levinsohn as Executive VP of Americas

Yahoo! Inc (YHOO) appointed Ross Levinsohn as executive vice president of the Americas region. Levinsohn, who previously worked for NewsCorp., CBS Sportsline and HBO, will be responsible for Yahoo%u2019s media group, ad sales and partnerships for the Americas region, the company said in a statement.

Yahoo to Roll Out Its Own Universal Authentication

In a sign that Yahoo is accelerating its efforts to join the social media revolution, word was leaked this weekend of a new offering, dubbed Y Connect, which would allow its customers to sign up for and sign onto media sites and other password-protected sites with a single click.

Yahoo Rumored to Be Pursuing a Deal for Groupon

Rumors are flying that Yahoo is hot on the heels of deal-of-the-day website Groupon, with valuations pegged at $2 billion and higher. But is this a good way for Yahoo to spend its cash?

Yahoo Hires Goldman Sachs to Deal With Takeover Bids

Yahoo! Inc (YHOO) has hired Goldman Sachs Group (GS) to help deal with possible takeover approaches, Bloomberg News reported. Yahoo has been working with advisers for about two weeks, but has not received any offers, Bloomberg News said.

Microsoft and Facebook Partner On Social Search

Microsoft Corp. and Facebook today expanded their partnership by unveiling a feature that lets users of Microsoft's Bing search engine to find websites preferred by their Facebook friends.

Facebook Adds Group Posts: More Cliques to Come?

Facebook on Wednesday said it has revamped its so-called 'Groups' feature to make it easier for members to send messages to subgroups of friends, instead of messaging either one person at a time or everyone on their friend list.

Priceline's Long Trip from Dot-Com Bust to First Class

In 1999, Priceline saw its stock surge to absurd heights before it had earned a cent in profit, and after the bubble burst, it lost more than 99% of its value. But from that low, the discount travel site began a hard journey to profitability that has proven there are second acts in dot-com companies' lives.

Yahoo's U.S. Advertising Chief Calls It Quits

Yahoo's top ad executive in the Americas is resigning, as the Internet pioneer struggles to raise its flagging revenues. The move represents yet another high-profile departure from Yahoo, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Muzzled Reporter Says 'Maw of Yahoo' No Place for Journalism

Yahoo (YHOO) has been trying to leverage its leading position in the portal business into a comparable dominance of premium content. But it's not so easy for a technology company to build a culture of journalism -- as the defection of one of its high-profile journalists illustrates.

The Yahoo-Bing Search Deal Will Raise Ad Rates

Online advertisers may see up to a 78% price increase in paid-search rates once the search alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft is wrapped up. Cost-per-click will likely rise sharply as advertisers shift to the consolidated Bing search platform.

What If Five Big Techs Started Paying Dividends?

What if other dividend holdouts Apple, Dell, eBay, Google and Yahoo followed Cisco's recent example and also instituted a dividend? Each one can easily afford a similar 2% yield, but whether to take that path isn't an easy decision. Here's out the numbers work out.

Tensions Between Yahoo and Alibaba Grow Worse

The awkward relationship between Yahoo and Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba Group appears to be growing even more uneasy. The latest indication of this comes from a series of very public disclosures that Alibaba wants to buy back some of its shares from stakeholder Yahoo, but Yahoo doesn't want to sell.