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Nintendo to Launch 3-D Game Device

Nintendo will release its 3-D gaming device in Japan in February of next year, with a March release date for the U.S. and Europe. Will gamers buy the 3-D devices? The jury is still out.

At the Tokyo Game Show, Motion Controllers Take the Stage

The Nintendo Wii's dominance over motion-control gaming eroded further this weekend as Microsoft and Sony highlighted their own new controllers at Japan's largest video-game industry event. Plus, Sony updated PS3 to play 3-D Blu-ray movies.

A Wait-and-See Approach to 3-D TV in Japan

In Japan, a recent survey found 67.4% of consumers indicated they'd take a pass on purchasing a 3-D TV. They cited several reasons, but wearing special 3-D glasses tops the list. Other concerns: price and lack of 3-D programming.

Microsoft to Change Device Division Management

Microsoft will change management at its device division. The actions are, according to early speculation, a reaction to the rise of Apple and Google in the consumer electronics sector. But the trouble goes deeper than that.

Awful Guidance for Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (ERTS), the largest video game maker in the U.S., released new guidance on December 10, and the numbers were awful. GAAP sales for its fiscal 2010, which ends in March, will be well below its November forecasts.

Sony's Risky Bet on Online Services

CEO Howard Stringer has come up with yet another plan to reinvent his company: a service to move his movie and music content to his game consoles and portable electronics devices like the Walkman. It faces two big problems

Gaming gets cheaper with $199 Wii

If you love to play video games but you haven't already purchased a Nintendo Wii then you better wait a few more days. Nintendo announced today that...

Toys R Us accepting video game trades

This week Toys R Us announced that all of its locations will start purchasing used video games for more than 25 current and retro systems. Shoppers...

No relief for Sony

Sony (SNE) posted another horrible quarter. Revenue dropped 19 percent to $16.7 billion and the consumer electronics and entertainment company had a...

Electronic Arts moves outside the box

Video games played on consoles from Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE) are not selling very well. The economy is slow and even sales of the consoles...

Microsoft sales slow, will remain weak

Software sales slowed for tech giant Microsoft (MSFT) and are not expected to improve over the next three months. The company plans to cut costs and...