Literary Speed Dating: How Not to Find an Agent

Pitch sessions are a staple at most writers conferences, offering authors the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with a literary agents to talk about their projects. But while they make lots of money for conference organizers, they aren't the best path to getting a book published.

A World Without Borders: One Author's Fear

Should the deeply troubled Borders chain close, publishers will survive just fine. But for authors who don't have instant name recognition with book buyers, the loss of an outlet with scads of shelf and floor space is a serious blow. Plus, it's one less place where authors and readers can connect.

Listening to Literature: An Author Talks About Audiobooks

The quality of an audiobook truly hinges on its narrator. The best ones use their voice talents and training to deliver the feeling behind the author's intent. Here, a writer explains what goes into audiobooks -- and why they can boost an author's audience.