New Data Reveals More Women Flocking to the iPad

Early iPad adopters may be overwhelmingly male, but Yahoo! user data shows women and girls are catching up. That's good news for Apple, which historically does well with "gender-neutral" products. The other good news: iPad is good for online shopping.

No Pink Pill: FDA Panel Rejects Female Viagra

An FDA panel unanimously ruled Friday that the side effects of Boehinger Ingelheim's much-anticipated sex pill for women outweigh its benefits. The search for female Viagra continues.

Does America's New Economy Favor Women?

Despite its provocative title, The Atlantic magazine's cover story The End of Men focuses less on the gender wars and more on this question: What if postindustrial society is better suited to female workers?

Why Don't More Women Make Billions?

There's a dearth of women on the Forbes list of billionaires, but does that mean women are to be pitied for lack of opportunity? The latest wave of feminism says, No, since money truly doesn't buy happiness, women who "live joyously with little money" have the game of life figured out.

The Great Recession Is Hitting Men Harder

Numbers show that men have borne the brunt of layoffs, in turn boosting the percentage of women in the workforce. Having made steady gains in employment since the 1970s, women now stand to overtake men as the majority of the labor pool.

Mammogram madness costs major money

The latest guidelines from the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force now say that women don't need mammograms every year and don't need the first one...

Glass ceiling: Women to blame?

A new study tells women that the difficulties they encounter advancing in the corporate world could be, at least partially, self-inflicted. No, you...