Sleek New Gadgets Have One Design Flaw: They Can't be Fixed

When buying tech devices, it's all about the latest and greatest: lighter, sleeker designs, more bells and whistles. But these design innovations aren't necessarily improvements -- in fact, they may even sacrifice durability, serviceability, and overall life span. Here's how.

Will Real Names Make YouTube Friendlier?

Is the solution to flame wars, copyright protected uploads, and general poor decorum around YouTube simply a matter of introducing name tags? That's what Google is hoping.

Is E5 Global Media Courting Michael Wolff?

Former Conde Nast executive Richard Beckman, who's been hiring big-name editors for his trade magazine group, may be courting Rupert Murdoch biographer and professional gadfly Michael Wolff.

Is the Web Dead? No.
But It's at Risk

Wired magazine has just declared the demise of the wild, open web, eclipsed by discrete apps and walled gardens -- all controlled by powerful corporations like Apple. Here's how this dire vision dovetails with the Google-Verizon net neutrality deal.