8 Best Things to Buy in August

Parents are getting ready for school, fashionistas for fall. So bargains abound in cars, school supplies, clothes, laptops, TVs, linens and wine.

The Best Things to Buy in August

Whatever you've got on your shopping list, there are plenty of hot buys in August, from delicious wine to organizational supplies, electronics to sports equipment.

Venti, Meet Vino: Starbucks Spikes Its Drink Menu

Starbucks is renowned for its caffeinated drinks, but it isn't above spiking its beverage menu here and there. The coffee giant is adding wine and beer at up to a dozen cafes in the Southern California and Atlanta markets.

Christmas Dinner by the Numbers

The holidays are a time for nostalgia -- and stuffing your stomach to the brim. So why not combine the two by taking inventory of a typical Christmas dinner, from eggnog to fruitcake, and comparing today's prices -- and, in some instances, portions -- to those of yesteryear?

Microdistilleries Are Changing How America Drinks

The country's troubled history with alcohol -- particularly Prohibition -- had a huge impact on what consumers expect from their alcoholic beverages. The bland, blended spirits that became popular after Prohibition ended are finally giving way to today's thirst for unique and locally made alcoholic beverages.

Binge Drinking Is Taking a Heavy Toll on Health Worldwide

A new World Health Organization report finds excessive alcohol use results in 2.5 million deaths annually. That's more than those caused by HIV/AIDS, violence or tuberculosis. The study notes that alcohol is a far bigger danger than illegal drugs such as crack cocaine and heroin.

Wine Deals for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner, it's time to start planning a romantic evening. A bottle of wine is a great addition to any date, but the...

Bev Mo nickel wine sale is on!

If you live near a Bev Mo, the nickel wine sale is happening now. Buy one bottle of wine and get a second bottle of the same wine for a nickel. Not...

Local Food Movement Gives Small Farms a Big Boost

The locavore, or local food, movement is gaining momentum, driven in part by recent food scares. Across the country, small, local farms are tapping into a growing market by selling meat and produce to health-conscious consumers and choosy restaurant chefs.

A Prince Takes on the Wine Business

Prince Robert of Luxembourg is a rebel of sorts. The managing director of Domaine Clarence Dillon, which produces four of the best-known wines in the world, is attempting to expand his family's business by producing a more affordable wine on a larger scale. Here is his plan.

Starbucks to Experiment with Wine and 'Coffee Theater'

Starbucks has started experimenting with ways to bring coffee lovers back. It's been trying to attract customers by selling everything from CDs to instant coffee. And now, in what may be its most daring attempt yet, it's getting into wine and coffee theater.

Bev Mo nickel wine sale is on

The nickel wine sale at Bev Mo just started! Hundreds of wines (263 to be exact) are just a nickel when you buy a first bottle of the same wine....