The Mideast's Favorable Breeze for Wind Power

With oil prices soaring on Mideast turmoil, alternative energy sources such as wind are again drawing the public's attention. But wind technology hasn't been standing still: Its power output worldwide jumped by 22% last year. However, it's still nowhere near replacing oil.

Clean Energy Revenues Grew in '09 -- but Not Solar

Despite the world's economic woes, the global clean-energy market grew in 2009, becoming a $139.1 billion industry and the largest venture-capital category, according to a new Clean Edge report. But although solar installations increased, solar revenues fell because of plunging prices.

A Promising Future for Tiny Windmills

Larger government subsidies, rising electricity costs, fewer regulatory burdens and lower prices for these small systems are all converging to generate demand. More access to favorable financing may create the most powerful tailwind.