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WikiLeaks Will Soon Have New Rival: OpenLeaks

WikiLeaks will soon have a rival in online whistleblowing, with a former deputy to Julian Assange launching a site called OpenLeaks. Daniel-Domscheit Berg says that OpenLeaks will be more transparent than WikiLeaks, Reuters reported.

PayPal Cuts Off Donations to WikiLeaks

EBay is no longer allowing donors to send WikiLeaks money through PayPal, a move that has cut off the largest source of money to the website that has been leaking confidential U.S. government documents.

WikiLeaks Jumps to Swiss Server After Cyber Attacks

WikiLeaks, the website that publishes confidential documents, jumped to a Swiss domain name after hackers attacked its American domain. The attacks prompted the American domain name provider, EveryDNS, to withdraw service, The Associated Press said.

WikiLeaks Latest Document Dump Yields No Surprises

Despite all the media fervor over WikiLeaks massive document dump of decades of U.S. diplomatic correspondence, the leaked material hasn't revealed anything new. But while it may not harm national security, the leak could deal a serious blow to mainstream efforts to increase government transparency.