Nintendo Wii Sales Soar

Sales of the Nintendo Wii console hit 3 million last month in U.S. compared with 2.14 million in the same month in 2008.

Sony's Risky Bet on Online Services

CEO Howard Stringer has come up with yet another plan to reinvent his company: a service to move his movie and music content to his game consoles and portable electronics devices like the Walkman. It faces two big problems

Gaming gets cheaper with $199 Wii

If you love to play video games but you haven't already purchased a Nintendo Wii then you better wait a few more days.

Nintendo announced today that...

A free Wii? Read the fine print

Who doesn't like getting something for free? I certainly l do. So do a lot of folks. That's why there's no end to the number of contests people can...

15 hottest products of 2008: Wii Fit

Playing video games used to be a fun excuse for sitting on the couch, relaxing and doing much of nothing. Then came along the Nintendo Wii, and its...

College fun on the cheap

hallway partyLast week when I covered how much money college students need for personal items and entertainment, I alluded to the countless options for having fun...