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Whole Foods 1Q Net Income Up 79%

sss Whole Foods Market Inc.'s comeback continued in the first quarter as stronger sales drove its net income up 79 percent. The natural and...

The FDA's Fish Fight Over Salmon Labeling

As the FDA considers approving the first genetically modified animal for human consumption, much debate has centered on how the GM salmon would be labeled. Many in the seafood industry are advocating for warning labels, but the biotech industry insists the fish is biologically the same as any other Atlantic salmon.

Whole Foods expanding to Scotland

Whole Foods is going global. Due to the success of its ability to target the health conscious in the United States, Canada, and UK, Whole Foods is...

Whole Foods Feasts on Higher Profits

Grocer Whole Foods reported better-than-expected earnings to shareholders Tuesday, driven by part changes in the way Americans eat: They're making a slow but steady march toward more local, more natural and more organic foods.

Whole Foods CEO: Be Like Me

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's plan to give employees breaks on health insurance for lower blood pressure and body mass index is ruffling feathers. Has this notorious "right-wing hippie" gone too far?

Whole Foods offers coupons

Did you know Whole Foods has coupons? It's true! Right now the site has six coupons, including $1 off any Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks, $1 off two...