Microdistilleries Are Changing How America Drinks

The country's troubled history with alcohol -- particularly Prohibition -- had a huge impact on what consumers expect from their alcoholic beverages. The bland, blended spirits that became popular after Prohibition ended are finally giving way to today's thirst for unique and locally made alcoholic beverages.

Is HBO's Boardwalk Empire Breaking a Modern Prohibition?

HBO has debuted a novel liquor-store marketing campaign tied to Canadian Club whiskey for its Prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire, and some critics fear it may affect an unintended audience: children and young adults. Is the series further glamorizing drinking for the underage crowd?

Absolut Vodka Maker Pernod's Stock Falls After Disappointing Earnings

Pernod-Ricard (PDRDY), the maker of Absolut vodka and Chivas Regal whiskey, slumped in Paris trading after a disappointing earnings report. The maker of the luxury drinks fell as much as 3.8% this morning. Late yesterday, the company's earnings report said that revenue for the quarter rose "close to 3%", Bloomberg News reported. That was well below the average of 4.2% forecast by analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News.