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Is 'Globesity' the Next Big Thing in Investing?

Obesity. Climate change. Our ever-increasing energy needs. These are just some of the megatrends analysts see coming down the global pike, trends that investors can draft behind and make money from.

Weight Watchers Unveils New Points Program

Weight Watchers International (WTW) unveiled the successor to its iconic calorie-counting Points program. The PointsPlus program will not only identify the number of calories in a foodstuff, but also favor food that the body works harder to convert into energy and steer the weight-conscious away from food with excess sugar and fats.

Face-Off: Health and Diet Stocks [VIDEO]

As we approach the cyclically sweet period between New Year's resolutions and swimsuit season, investors may think there are profitable opportunities in companies focused on diet and exercise. But you may be wise not to gorge on the stocks.

McDonald's Weight Watchers Meals Use Mysterious Math

In New Zealand, McDonald's and Weight Watchers have teamed up to sell three co-branded meals. That's not as strange as it sounds -- Weight Watchers dieters measure food intake on a point scale. What's strange is how the numbers may or may not have been calculated.