Yahoo Is Pleasing Investors, Instead of Its Users

Recent strategic moves made by Yahoo seem to be keeping some investors optimistic. But that could quickly change as the site's audience shrinks, advertising revenue falls and the once revered brand diminishes.

Online Buyer Beware: Cyber-Fraud Is Getting Slicker

A growing number of Americans are shopping online for the holidays -- leaving themselves vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated web fraud. The Justice Department busted 82 websites allegedly selling counterfeit and pirated goods on Cyber Monday, but more criminals are still out there.

BlueGlass Jumps Into Search-Friendly Content Creation

Look out, Demand Media: Here comes another cheap content-creation competitor. Meet BlueGlass, the newest entrant in the rapidly expanding field of producing low-cost text and video articles designed specifically to snag search traffic.

Aiming for Amazon: Retailers Join New Web Shipping Service

Retailers such as Toys R Us, Rockport and Borders hope to grow their Web sales with a new shipping service called ShopRunner.com. Much like Amazon's Prime program, consumers pay $79 per year for a membership, which lets them ship as many orders as they want from ShopRunner's retail partners.

Will Passengers Pay for WiFi in the Sky?

Airlines plan to nearly triple the number of planes with in-flight Internet access this year, but fewer than one in 50 passengers currently pay for the service. When will WiFi revenues start to take off?

Google Gives Real-Time Searches New Web Page

Google (GOOG) set up a Web address specifically for its real-time search engine, which indexes and delivers status updates, messages and other public content from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Google incorporated real-time links into search results in December, with users having to click on the "latest" and "updates" filters to access them, Reuters reported.

Google Denies 'Devil's Pact' With Verizon

Google and Verizon denied reports of a proposed tiered services deal that would allow web sites to pay broadband providers for the privilege of getting content in front of users more quickly. The alleged deal had proponents of net neutrality up in arms Thursday.

Viacom to Appeal Defeat in
$1 Billion Google Lawsuit

Viacom has vowed to appeal after a federal judge threw out its $1 billion lawsuit against Google-owned YouTube. In his landmark decision, Judge Louis L. Stanton said YouTube is covered by the "safe harbor" protections of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

A Cheap Way to Bet on Web Hotshot TenCent

Chinese Internet giant TenCent is one of the largest pure-play Internet companies in the world, and its shares are a hot ticket among investors. But few realize that there is a stealthy and cheap way to invest in TenCent at a major discount: Buy South African media giant Naspers.

Facebook Spawns a Big Shift for the Web

Facebook's new Open Graph initiative, which aims to spread Facebook infrastructure and "like" buttons across the Internet, hails a new Web where social interactions become the key focus of users.

Hulu Offers Ready-When-You-Are TV and Video

Hulu, which provides television and video content on the Web, is growing quickly. Since it launched in 2007, more than 6 million Hulu players have been embedded in over 123,000 websites. Growth will continue. In the works is a plan to partner with foreign content partners and eventually, roll out its service worldwide.

FreshDirect Nudges Its Way To Profits

The online grocery stories industry has been, to put it bluntly, a disaster.But now, a relatively new online grocery service seems to have figured out how to do it right. The company, is FreshDirect and it has avoided Webvan's fate by trying not to get too big too fast.

Yahoo Drawn Into Google's Cyber War With China

Yahoo was drawn into the growing cyber-war between Google and the Chinese government after it declared its support of the U.S.-based search giant. Google threatened to pull out of China after it became the victim of a massive cyber attack that is believed to be masterminded by the Chinese government.

Google Threatens to Leave China over Email Leak

Google may pull out of the Middle Kingdom after discovering that hackers tricked human rights activists into opening their email accounts to outsiders. As a first step, the search giant says it will stop censoring its search results in the country -- a major turnabout for Google.