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Does IBM's Watson Offer the Future of Search? Not Yet

Some influential tech voices deeply critical of today's search technology hailed the victory of IBM's Watson at Jeopardy! as a forerunner of a new type of more intelligent, useful and less spammy search. Here's why that's still an awfully long ways off.

It's Crunch Time for Google's Battle Against Content Spam

The trouble lies in the quality of information -- a thorny problem due to the subjectivity of "quality" in general. Google keeps tweaking its algorithms, but the junk content keeps rising to the top. In the arms race against spammers, the next few years are crucial.

At $618, Could Google Be Sharply Undervalued?

Though it's currently trading at $618, some investment pros view the stock as intrinsically inexpensive based on more than a couple of metrics. One measure in particular looks at Google's price-to-revenues ratio and sees plenty of room for the stock to rise.

Google Toolbar Spurs Another Privacy Lawsuit

Google has been slapped with another privacy lawsuit, this time over its toolbar, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. A New York man alleges the toolbar software transmits users' Internet activity to the company, and misleads people into believing they can prevent that transmission.

BlueGlass Jumps Into Search-Friendly Content Creation

Look out, Demand Media: Here comes another cheap content-creation competitor. Meet BlueGlass, the newest entrant in the rapidly expanding field of producing low-cost text and video articles designed specifically to snag search traffic.

Google Earnings Easily Beat the Street

Google earned $7.64 a share in the third quarter excluding one-time items, handily beating expectations of $6.67. The strong results were an "October Surprise" of sorts for investors who have wondered whether Google's prodigious profit-making ability was beginning to wane.

What's Missing From Google's Proposed Inflation Index

The search giant may use its vast database of Web-shopping data to construct a daily measure of inflation called the Google Price Index, or GPI. It can be calculated much quicker than the official CPI, but it covers only what can be sold on the Web.

Is Facebook Declaring War on Google? Hardly

"This means war," was the buzz after Facebook confirmed it has begun incorporating external Web pages into its search results. As Web search pro Danny Sullivan puts it: "Facebook's starting out by sending a boat against a battle fleet."