Trustafarians as Useful Economic Indicators

The unmotivated, slacking child of privilege, the trustafarian resembles a very well-funded vagrant. A new book notes how the behavior of these wealthy dropouts can be good economic indicators.

IRS Increasingly Targets the Well-To-Do

With Uncle Sam in a financial bind, he appears to be going after wealthier tax cheats to scrape together money to pay the bills. IRS audits of filings by people with incomes between $1 million and $5 million rose by about a third between Oct. 1, 2008 and Sept. 30, 2009.

Super Rich Made $345 Million on Average in 2007

It's a good time to be filthy rich. The 400 wealthiest Americans have seen their annual incomes skyrocket over the last two decades to a whopping $344 million on average while their tax rates have dramatically decreased, according to new data from the Internal Revenue Service.

Oregon voters to rich: Pay up

I didn't need any time for deliberation when I received my ballot for this month's special state vote in Oregon: I filled in the bubbles for "yes,"...