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Apple's Scary Stock Ride: Why the 'Jockey' Really Matters

Apple has been one of the world's most innovative companies, revolutionizing our lives -- and charging a premium to do it. Now, its stock has been on a six-month downward run, and understanding the real reason why might help guide your other investment choices.

Television: Steve Jobs's Final Frontier

Apple may be ready to think inside the box -- the television box, that is. One of the juiciest nuggets in Walter Isaacson's authorized Steve Jobs biography is that the iconic tech visionary was working on an actual Apple-branded television as one of his final projects at the company.

Steve Jobs Authorizes His Bio, at Long Last

The reclusive Steve Jobs, Apple's secretive CEO, has authorized biographer Walter Isaacson to handle his life story. But any hope that Jobs will suddenly turn candid and let Isaacson into every private aspect of his inner life is unrealistic, if not ludicrous.