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Murdoch: NY Times No Longer Covers NYC

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch today officially acknowledged that the Wall Street Journal will launch a widely expected metro section covering New York -- because, he implied, Journal archrival The New York Times is no longer covering it.

Inside Rupert Murdoch's War on Google

Rupert Murdoch's strategy for crippling Google, his News Corp. rival, has been more orchestrated than it seemed, a profile published in this week's New York magazine reveals. And lest you doubt his intentions, Murdoch even named his initaitve after a conquest of the Roman Empire.

Could Zuckerman Get Murdoch's OK for Senate?

Mort Zuckerman would like to have more say in government. Rupert Murdoch would like to stop losing money on the New York Post. Their problems may have a common solution. Could selling his fellow mogul the Daily News garner Zuckerman Murdoch's backing for a bid for a U.S. Senate seat?

Cuomo Files Suit Against Former Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed a lawsuit accusing Former Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis of misleading investors about Merrill Lynch's mounting losses before Bank of America acquired the firm in late 2008. The bank and its former chief financial officer, Joseph L. Price, were also charged.

Apple's iPad Gives Wings to Media Stocks

Correctly or naively, print publishers all seem to think the iPad, Apple's new touchscreen tablet computer, is going to save their hides -- and Wall Street seems to agree, at least cautiously.

A New York Times-Wall Street Journal Feud Explained

A New York Times-Wall Street Journal feud heats up. Following news that the Journal accused The Times of having tried two years ago to influence the come of a journalism award, the Journal is now releasing a nearly two-year-old response from its then-editor.

Forbes layoffs: 100 staffers axed?

Forbes has been through several waves of layoffs in the past 12 months, but none has come close in severity to the one under way right now. When it's...

The Upside: The power of free

Just because I haven't read a book doesn't stop me from debating it at cocktail parties. I mean, why let something like a lack of information get in...