How to Play Defense in a Volatile Market

Equity investors have ample reason to be frustrated these days. The S&P 500 has hovered around 1,080 since mid-May, but it hasn't been a quiet ride. Oliver Pursche, president of Gary Goldberg Financial Services, talks about how you can smooth out the bumps of short-term volatility.

Stocks Close Higher, but Growth Worries Remain

Stocks took an uncomfortably circuitous route to posting broad-based gains Tuesday, as a better-than-expected outlook on global recovery from the Australian central bank was tested by a bleaker assessment of the U.S. economy from the bond market.

Summertime Could Cool Off Market Volatility

With no major news on the calendar ahead of next week's start of second-quarter earnings season, longer-term investors should have more sway in a market that's been technically driven for months. That could mean fewer wild swings, at least for a while.

Russell Rebalance Makes for a Volitile Friday

On Friday, after the market closes, the Russell Investment Group will announce how it will rebalance its indexes in the annual event known as the Russell Reconstitution, the ripple effects of which will be felt as a brief, high-energy tremor through the stock markets.

Circuit Breakers Let Cooler Heads Prevail

Why do circuit-breakers on stocks make sense? A simple manual cross-check of prices can help mitigate volatility "if things get out of whack," says Doreen Mogavero, CEO of Mogavero Lee & Co., in a video interview from the floor of the NYSE.

Stocks Climb Back: Is a Rebound in Store?

Alarm bells are being triggered as the S&P 500 blows through resistance levels. But a strong case can be made for the market to find support at current levels, indicating an upcoming bounce.

A Great Stock Market? Yes, If You're a Trader

For the average investor, the market%u2019s jarring movements this week left many on the sidelines, remembering the market fallout in 2008. But for traders, the market%u2019s wild swings were welcome news.

Five Steady Picks for a Newly Volatile Market

Uh oh. The stock market's big swings last week pushed up the S&P VIX -- the "investor fear gauge" -- by 30%. In such times, stocks with low beta (less volatile than the S&P 500 average), above-par performance and compelling valuations can be the ticket. Here are some to consider.

The Dow's Jump Doesn't Mean All's Well in Europe

The Dow surged Tuesday on reports the European Union was hatching a plan to end the Greek debt crisis, but just because the blue-chip index sits above 10,000 again doesn't mean the latest threat to equities is over. Investors should brace themselves for more tremors to come.

Google May Lose China, but Is Baidu Poised for a Fall?

As stunning as Google's threat to shut down its operations in China may be, its business in the Middle Kingdom means almost nothing to the company's bottom line. And while Baidu may win in the long run, its shares look a bit rich after today's run up.