President Obama's Weirdest New Taxes

To achieve $1.8 trillion in new revenue, President Obama has plenty of big taxes in his budget proposal. Here are some quirky maneuvers he suggests.

Counterfeit Foods: Are You Eating the Real Thing?

Think counterfeiting only extends to knock-off purses or bootleg DVDs? Think again. Everything is fair game to counterfeiters these days, from computer equipment to car parts -- and, perhaps most frightening of all, the food we eat and the beverages we drink.

Spirited Startups: Colorado's Microdistilleries Follow an All-American Path

The boom in U.S. microdistilleries comes in part from many Americans reinventing their careers in a dire economy. That entrepreneurial spirit is thriving in some of Colorado's newly minted microdistilleries. And industry giants, like Jim Beam, are also welcoming these new makers of American liquor.

Absolut Vodka Maker Pernod's Stock Falls After Disappointing Earnings

Pernod-Ricard (PDRDY), the maker of Absolut vodka and Chivas Regal whiskey, slumped in Paris trading after a disappointing earnings report. The maker of the luxury drinks fell as much as 3.8% this morning. Late yesterday, the company's earnings report said that revenue for the quarter rose "close to 3%", Bloomberg News reported. That was well below the average of 4.2% forecast by analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News.