New 'Call of Duty' Breaks First-Day Gaming Sales Record

Videogame publisher Activision Blizzard said its "Call of Duty: Black Ops" set a new first-day videogame sales record, generating about $360 million in U.S. and U.K. sales within the first 24 hours of its release Tuesday.

Nintendo Slashes Forecast, Says 3-D Game Delayed

Nintendo slashed its forecast for the year ending March 31, 2011, as the videogame maker cited weak sales and stronger-than-expected appreciation of the Japanese yen. It also announced its new handheld 3-D video game console won't be released until after the holiday season.

Big Jump in the Sales of Games Via Download

Sales of digitally-downloaded video games are surging this year as cashed-strapped gamers buy fewer new titles from retailers in favor of cheaper games that may be purchased online. Game downloads saw a 37% rise in the first six months of 2010.

Game Over: Why the Console Business Is Doomed

Video-game console makers apparently think their business will be saved by motion-sensing technology that would let you play Madden NFL 11 by running around your living room. Sorry, guys: Smart phone, social network and cloud-based games are going to drink your milkshake.

Why the Heat Will Stay on Stocks This Summer

"It's impossible to predict when the market will stop reacting -- and overreacting -- to the European debt crisis," says Jason Weisberg of Seaport Securities. Until investors gain more confidence, he sees the Dow stuck a tight-but-volatile 300-point range.

Why Netflix Sees DVDs Facing a Quick Death

Netflix has released a controversial presentation that charts the quick death of the physical DVD rental industry. If the presentation bears out, the next few years will be tumultuous for the content distribution and entertainment businesses.

Where the jobs are? Video games!

The video game industry is seeing significant job growth in spite of the economy and a number of colleges and universities are offering programs to...

Gaming gets cheaper with $199 Wii

If you love to play video games but you haven't already purchased a Nintendo Wii then you better wait a few more days. Nintendo announced today that...

Toys R Us accepting video game trades

This week Toys R Us announced that all of its locations will start purchasing used video games for more than 25 current and retro systems. Shoppers...

SwapTree: simple, easy online trading

If you're anything like the average consumer you have shelves full of used media; books, games, movies, and music.It's possible that your collection...

Upping the stakes in video game sales

The video game market is often called recession proof. It's escapist product at a good value, but I'm sensing a slowdown even in this safe haven....

Do gamers make better employees?

Just when you thought you'd heard it all, IBM executive David Laux tells the BBC that video gamers make good employees. "We have found across the...

15 hottest products of 2008: Wii Fit

Playing video games used to be a fun excuse for sitting on the couch, relaxing and doing much of nothing. Then came along the Nintendo Wii, and its...