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Android Spells Trouble for iPhone

Google's Android is proving to be the first true competitor to Apple's iPhone in terms of bandwidth consumption and rich application use. If providers such as MetroPCS or Leap Wireless start offering Android-powered smartphones, it could be a big problem for some big players.

Google Phone Rings Up Apple

In the heart of the holiday phone-buying season, AT T handed Google a fabulous present and partner Apple a lump of coal. Both were wrapped in one spectacular network failure, which stranded thousands of the Web's most vocal and demanding iPhone users.

Prepaid cards are filled with pitfalls

Soon after WalMart announced it will pay employees without direct-deposit banking via debit cards, Consumers Union, the organization that publishes...

Qwest Wireless to shutter in 60 days

The Denver, Colo. telecom, Qwest, announced today that it would stop providing wireless services in October and would offer its customer an option of...

Verizon's earnings top expectations

Communications giant and Dow component Verizon (VZ) just announced its quarterly earnings, will it be enough to turn around a bearish morning for the...