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Bringing a Classic Magazine Back From the Dead

Magazine executive John T. Elduff recently paid $2,000 for the trademark rights of classic weekly Collier's, which went bankrupt in the 1950s. His plans to bring it back to life aim at folks who'll recall the name: those in the 50- to 90-year old demographic.

Is E5 Global Media Courting Michael Wolff?

Former Conde Nast executive Richard Beckman, who's been hiring big-name editors for his trade magazine group, may be courting Rupert Murdoch biographer and professional gadfly Michael Wolff.

Conde Nast Overhaul Focuses on Digital Growth

A management overhaul at Conde Nast is meant to help its iconic magazines -- including Vogue, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker -- flourish in this century as they did in the last.

Magazines' Newsstand Sales Keep Plummeting

The good news, for magazine publishers, is that the earthward plummet in newsstand sales has finally started to moderate. The bad news is that sales are still falling at a vertigo-inducing rate -- just not quite so rapidly as they were a few months ago.

Vanity Fair's Young Hollywood Whitewash

Vanity Fair recently delivered its annual Hollywood issue to howls of protest from around the blogosphere and the analog world. The problem: Of the nine supposedly up-and-coming starlets featured on the fold-out cover, not one is African-American, Asian or Hispanic. The average skin tone on display is as white as the new-fallen snow.

Vanity Fair Lists Hollywood's Top Moneymakers

Vanity Fair today releases its inaugural list of Hollywood's Top 40 Moneymakers of 2009. Topping the list is Michael Bay, director and producer of the blockbuster Transformers series, who pulled in $125 million, beating mogul Steven Spielberg. And there were more surprises as well.

Walmart: America's favorite scapegoat

Walmart (WMT) prides itself on its low prices, but it tends to make the news for more controversial topics. For critics, its business practices...