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DailyFinance's Top 11 Value Stocks for 2011

Wall Street expects the S&P 500 to tacking on an 11% gain over the next 12 months -- with lots of ups and downs along the way. That has us inclined to play defense in our 2011 picks, with an eye toward bargain stocks paying generous, sustainable dividends. Here are our top 11 for 2011:

Jones Villalta Opportunity Fund Likes Financials, Tech Stocks

Where are the best deep-value investment opportunities? Where there is the most pessimism, of course. In this short video, fund manager Tom Villata talks about where he sees the greatest opportunities among blue-chip tech stocks and financials.

What Warren Buffett Is Buying -- and Why

The Oracle of Omaha's latest regulatory filing got plenty of press about what the billionaire is selling. But investors can glean far more valuable insights from what he's buying and the reasons why specific stocks -- like these three -- appeal to him.

Gabelli's 'Focus Five' Stocks Are Worth Watching

This deep-value portfolio has beaten the indexes for 12 straight quarters. The analysts who pick them use both thorough research and good judgment to make their picks. What are they buying for first-quarter 2010? Here's what.