valentines day

What to Buy in February

During the harsh winter of 2011, many of us are too comfortable in front of the fire with our cocoa to go out foraging at the mall for bargains....

A Heartwarming Valentine's Day Sales Forecast

Valentine's Day sales should thrill the hearts of retailers this year: Spending for the day is forecast to top $18.6 billion, a 5.8% jump in spending over 2010. That amounts to about $125 per person taking part in the holiday for lovers.

Valentine's Day deals and steals

Valentine's Day giftsIf love hasn't blinded you, the abundance of romantic freebies and deals will sweep you off your feet! Coupled or not, these 16 loverly deals will...

Love Will Be on a Budget This Valentine's Day

Even Cupid is frugal these days. With mildly optimistic retail forecasts for 2010, experts expect lovers will hold their wallets tight while shopping for Valentine's Day gifts. For the full year, retail sales are expected to rise only a modest 2.5%.

Star in your own bodice-buster

You can send a card. You can offer chocolates or flowers or jewelry of some kind. But what's really going to knock the socks off your beloved this...