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The 7 Safest Banks in America

Moody's downgrade of 15 of the world's largest banks, along with JPMorgan Chase's multibillion-dollar trading loss, make it clear that big banks aren't always as safe as we'd hope. Still, we have to keep our money somewhere -- So 24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of the nation's safest banks.

How Colleges Are Still Getting Rich Off Your Kids

For years, credit card companies have targeted college students to gain access to a lucrative source of profits: student debt. And despite laws designed to stop the practice, colleges and universities are still taking huge payments from card companies -- at your kids' expense.

Bank of America, Visa to Test Smartphone Payment Program

Bank of America Corp (BAC) and Visa Inc. (V), the world%u2019s largest payment processor, will begin a test program next month that allows consumers to pay for purchases in shops using their smartphones. The program will run from September through the end of 2010 in the New York area, Reuters reported.

Seesaw Market Says Investors Are Overreacting to News

After marching more than 115 points higher on Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial average fell more than 122 points on Wednesday%u2019s market sell-off, prompting some analysts to suggest investors may over-reacting to financial news.

Record Revenues, Fee Income Boosts U.S. Bancorp

U.S. Bancorp reported fourth quarter profits 82% better than last year powered by record revenue growth of $4.4 billion for the quarter. During its earnings call executives were upbeat about its ability to generate strength from its loan portfolio during the economic downturn.

Federal Reserve Fights to Keep Its Bailout Secrets

Since the economic collapse began in late 2008, the Fed has willingly poured trillions into keeping financial firms afloat. What it's unwilling to do is give the taxpayers real details about who got the money.