State Governments Are Just Adding to Labor's Woes

American labor unions have been in decline for a half-century now -- and, currently, virtually the only large unions still growing are those in the public sector. Until now. Cash-strapped states are attacking unions where it hurts by trying to strip them of the right to collectively bargain.

GM and Chrysler Will Pay Bonuses to Salaried Workers

Less than two years after they exited bankruptcy, Chrysler Group and General Motors will soon distribute bonuses to salaried employees in recognition of their efforts to help revive the once-flagging Detroit automakers. The payout is likely to anger the companies' unionized workers.

Though Chrysler Is Still Unprofitable, Employees Earn a $750 Bonus

Union employees at Chrysler Group will receive a $750 bonus next week as an acknowledgment of their contributions in helping to revive the once-bankrupt company, the automaker said Monday. Salaried workers, excluding the company's top 50 executives, will also receive the payment.

The UAW's Bob King: Out to Repair an Image Problem

Elected president of United Auto Workers union on June 16, King must reintroduce the union to the many Americans who have an unfavorable view of unions. Then, there's the matter of rebuilding membership by targeting foreign makers' U.S. plants.

Whole Foods expanding to Scotland

Whole Foods is going global. Due to the success of its ability to target the health conscious in the United States, Canada, and UK, Whole Foods is...

British Airways Strike Looms

British Airways crews will likely go on strike Monday after a court order lifted a ban prohibiting airline employees from walking off the job.

Doormen Strike Could Leave New Yorkers Hailing Their Own Cabs

Gritty New Yorkers are preparing for the worst. The Big Apple's doormen may strike, potentially leaving many apartment dwellers with no one to help them with their bags or hail a cab. There are real issues involved, but things could get ugly if Anna Wintour has to sort the recyclables.

SEIU Head Andy Stern to Resign Early, But On a Win

After 14 years as head of the Service Employees International Union, Andy Stern is planning to step down two years before his term is up. Backers and critics of the man who helped revitalize the flagging U.S. labor movement are already weighing in on his accomplishments -- and his failures.

UAW votes down Ford labor contract

The astonishing turnaround at Ford (F) has been built on three legs. The first was the company's decision to take in over $20 billion, pledging most...