unemployment benefits extension

Tax Compromise: Why Something Was Better Than Nothing

If a compromise by definition is a deal that pleases no one, then the tax deal that cleared Congress Thursday was a rousing success: Conservatives and liberals both dislike it, but those who voted for it agreed that the alternative -- letting taxes rise for everyone -- would have been worse.

Unemployment Benefits Extended for 2.5 Million

Jobless aid will soon flow again to millions after Senate and House lawmakers voted to extend emergency unemployment insurance. Benefit money could begin flowing to some Americans as early as next week.

Unemployment Benefits Clear a Key Hurdle

Minutes after swearing in new Senator Carte Goodwin of West Virginia, Senate Democrats moved swiftly to send an extension of long-term unemployment insurance to an up-or-down vote.

Democrats Set to Extend Jobless Benefits

The President slammed Republican senators for blocking the unemployment benefits extension, saying the GOP approved billions in budget-busting tax breaks for the rich -- but claim fiscal rectitude when it comes to the unemployed.

New Senator Could Change Unemployment Vote

The appointment of 36-year-old Carte Goodwin to succeed the late U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd appears to give Senate Democrats the 60 votes they need to defeat a GOP filibuster and pass an extension of unemployment insurance.

What If Unemployment Is Really 22%?

Private pollsters and economists are piling up statistics showing the government's official jobless rate is becoming more and more of a fiction. And that's not helping solve the problem that's No. 1 for most Americans.

As the Jobless Suffer, Politicians Play Politics

While the extension of jobless benefits may pass at some point, there's no doubt that both sides see political gain in keeping bill stalled. Indeed, it seems every major player in the debate has a political agenda that has all but crippled action.