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Homebuilder Confidence Falls to a 17-Month Low

The U.S. housing sector took another hit this month as homebuilder sentiment unexpectedly fell to 13 in August from 14 in July. The measure has been drifting lower since the federal homebuyers tax credit expired this spring.

Does the Housing Industry Need a Bailout?

Michael Feder of Radar Logic thinks it does. And he adds that government, which has underwritten or guaranteed almost every new mortgage since the financial crisis began, is in a precarious position itself. But Feder offers one possible solution.

The 10 Worst Real Estate Markets in the U.S.

Despite stimulus programs and all-time low mortgage rates, the real estate market continues to struggle with excess supply, depressed home prices and high foreclosure rates. The key factor? Unemployment.

Las Vegas Home- Ownership Rate: Effectively 15%

Though Las Vegas' official home-ownership rate a respectable 59% as of August 2009, the "effective" rate is more like a dismal 15%, according to a new New York Fed report. Why the difference? Because the long-term money hurdles facing most underwater owners are so high that the majority will revert to renters.

Homeowners Hand in Keys

About 5.1 million mortgage holders will own homes that are worth 75% or less than what they owe on their mortgages.