For Retirement Planning, Words Matter

In matters of life and death, it turns out that semantics matters. When researchers asked people what age they would "live to," compared with what age they would "die by," people's expectations shot up by an average of nine years. Here's why that could have a big impact on annuities.

Tech and Reform Will Boost Health Care Costs

Development of technologically advanced -- and expensive -- lifesaving treatments will continue to increase as the new health care reform law is phased in over the next few years.

Very Few Laid-Off Californians Have Found New Jobs

Increased temp hiring and in industries such as retail and tourism have barely made a dent in a state hit by far larger job cuts in print media and telecommunications, according to the UCLA Anderson Forecast.

U.S. Recovery Will Be Slower Than Previous Upturns

According to a new report from UCLA, the U.S. economic recovery will be slower than previous recovery periods. Americans will be saving more to get themselves out of debt while companies will be hesitant to expand because of lack of public-policy clarity from the Obama Administration.

Can You Score a 4.0 College GPA? Ultrinsic Says Bet on It!

A new company called Ultrinsic Motivator Inc. has an interesting proposition for students: place bets on your grades. The website, which currently allows students at 36 campuses to place wagers on their academic performance, could help keep students motivated during college -- and, with any luck, help them graduate with less or even no debt.

California's Split Recovery: Coast
vs. Inland Empire

Coastal California's economy has started to pick up, but prospects for the state's inland regions still look grim, according to recent report by UCLA's Anderson School of Management. For the state as a whole, the recovery won't be speedy.