Microsoft Xbox Challenges Cable TV

Microsoft plans to use its XBox Live as a means to stream movies and TV shows into people's homes. If the extremely ambitious program eventually works as planned, customers could have no need for their cable TV.

Wall Street Has Many Things to Be Sorry About -- Just Not Corporate Jets

When JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and Bank of American (BAC) head Brian Moynihan flew today via corporate aircraft to Washington, D.C., to testify before a Congressional panel investigating the financial crisis, their mode of transport raised some eyebrows. But the furor over corporate jets, which are often the most efficient way to transport executives, distracts from the larger issues.

Fox Appears to Win Time Warner Fee Dispute

Fox and Time Warner Cable have reached a deal keeping the network on the cable provider after Fox threatened to walk over a fee dispute. The deal's suddenness likely means Fox got the better end, as the cable giant risked having subscribers go elsewhere for Fox programming.

Five Media Changes to Watch for in 2010

What media-industry developments and market forces will make headlines in the year to come? Pay-to-read online content, tablet computers, mom-and-pop newsrooms and, oh yes -- banks taking over the magazine and newspaper game.

Top Publishers Link Arms in E-Reader Push

Five media companies that spend most of their time in bitter competition with one another are now joining forces in a new venture intended to midwife the arrival of portable digital magazines and newspapers on a mass scale.

The new Ted Turner misses the old

Sir Isaac Newton could see as far as he did, he said, because he stood on the shoulders of giants. Ted Turner, it seems, has footprints on either...

What a Time Inc. sale might look like

Pssst...wanna buy the world's biggest magazine publisher? It might be for sale very soon, if investors and analysts are correct in their hunches.


Who says executive pay is under control? $43 millon for News Corp. exec

Part of the collapse of the financial system and concerns about greed and excessive pay and perks across the entire public company sector is that...

New reports that Time Warner will dump Time Inc.

There have been rumors for several months that Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) will sell or spin out its magazine unit, Time Inc. which was founded in 1923....

Is Time Inc. CEO's move another sign of spin-off plans?

Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore has extended her reign at the world's largest magazine company for another three years, signing a contract extension that...

Crisis at Comedy Central: Audience for Stewart, Colbert is getting older

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are Comedy Central's answer to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. But the fact that many of their fans know the...

Time Warner will untie AOL after knotty near-decade

The biggest business deal of all time will soon be undone.

Time Warner's (TWX) board is expected today to approve AOL becoming an independent...

Time Warner may finally spin off AOL

Time Warner Inc. (TWX) today announced that it may spin-off AOL (the parent company of this blog), effectively undoing one of the more controversial...

Time Warner hurt by advertising slowdown, but tops estimates

Time Warner Inc. (TWX), the world's largest media company and parent of this Web site, continues to be hurt by a drop-off in advertising sales.


Time Warner botches new magazine, but 'mine' may be the future

Time Warner Inc. (TWX), the world's largest media company (and corporate parent of this blog), screwed up an an experiment to create more...