Can Tweets and Status Updates Really Predict Stock Moves?

Investors looking to predict how the stock market will move have produced countless beat-the-market strategies over the centuries. The latest is a theory that suggests tweets and status updates can be used to foresee a company's fluctuations on Wall Street. Crazy ... but could it work?

Twitter Says No Plans for IPO or Fundraising on the Horizon

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has rejected the IPO rumors and widely reported notion that the popular microblogging site is in talks to sell a 10% stake to JPMorgan Chase for $450 million -- which would have jacked up the site's valuation to $4.5 billion.

Twitter's June Service the Worst in Eight Months

Twitter made recent changes to keep the site stable during the World Cup onslaught and the odd California earthquake, which "caused inadvertent downtime as a result of ... attempts to make changes."Is this a rare speed bump for the massively popular site or a harbinger of future problems?