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Hulu Drops Price on Subscriptions After Traffic Dips

Hulu lowered the price of its newly launched Hulu Plus subscription service by $2 to $7.99 Wednesday, just days after the online streaming video service saw its rank decline on a closely watched Internet ranking service for the month of October.

Fake Mad Men Memoir Is Just the Latest in a Genre

Sounds odd, but a fictionalized book mentioned on a TV show becoming a real book is nothing new for the publishing industry. In fact, tie-ins like Sterling's Gold have proven quite popular. That's because the shows have a built-in fan base that often numbers in the millions.

Will TV Shows Help Save the Music Industry?

Increasingly, television shows such as Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model and Pretty Little Liars are incorporating recording artists' songs into their scenes and then featuring them in online play lists. It may seem like a minor promotion to viewers, but the results have been nothing short of astounding for some bands.