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Directors Must Do More To Earn Their Keep These Days

Sitting on a corporate board of directors has always been great work if you can get it, especially if it's with a company that's generous with board member compensation. These days, directors are feeling the heat to get some real work done.

Which Bailed-Out Bank Will Exit TARP Next?

Citi isn't getting off the hook anytime soon. But Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp might. It took $3.4 billion to mend its bruised balance sheet and could need to raise as little as $1 billion to repay TARP

Geithner: It's Too Soon to End TARP

Tired of TARP? It doesn't sound like it's going away just yet. The Treasury Secretary gave Congress a strong signal that the $700 billion bailout fund will survive beyond its initial expiration date on Dec. 31. The government "is actually close to the point" where the program can end, but not there yet.

CIT is in a lose-lose situation

What if neither bankruptcy nor a bailout is enough to save CIT Group (CIT)? Overshadowing the $3 billion in losses that the troubled lender to...