16 Big Bubbles That Are Getting Ready to Pop

With stocks markets soaring, many wonder if equities will be the next bubble to burst. But stocks aren't the only assets that look frothy: These are showing danger signs too.

Suddenly, Bonds are Riskier than Stocks

Bonds have outperformed stocks over the last 30-year period, but things are changing and bonds are no longer the safe haven they once were. In fact, bonds already look overvalued, and if rock-bottom interest rates keep moving higher, bond funds could plunge.

Why This Fed Move Was Different From Every Move It Made Before

Everyone expected Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to announce another round of Quantitative Easing Thursday, and he did. But in the past, there have always been defined limits on how far the Fed would go. This time, there are none. Here's why he said it, and why it's huge.

Get Ready, America: The Debt Ceiling Debate Is Back

The U.S. is again closing in on its debt limit, and if a recent statement by John Boehner is any indication, another fight with the Obama administration over the issue is ahead. Here's a preview of what we might expect.

Who Shouldn't U.S. Pay If Debt Deal Isn't Reached?

The debt ceiling debate is raging inside the Beltway, but many Americans are tuning it out. And among those paying attention, a majority would ignore the consequences and let the U.S. default. Find out who they'd chose to stiff first -- and tell us who you think the country shouldn't pay if it has to skip out on some of its obligations.

A Rising Economy Is Pushing Down Treasurys

Doomsayers insist the recent rapid rise in yields signals the nation's creditors finally getting fed up with financing U.S. deficits. But a stronger argument can be made for blaming the better-than-expected economic reports that have been piling up recently.

Citing 'Insufficient' Growth, Fed Keeps Policy Steady

The Federal Reserve Tuesday kept its current accommodative monetary policy going steadily and continued its program of quantitative easing, saying that the economic recovery is continuing, but the growth rate "has been insufficient to bring down unemployment."

Tax Cut Deal May Incite Bond Vigilantes, 'Dr. Doom' Warns

Nouriel Roubini, the NYU economics professor who has earned the nickname "Dr. Doom" for his predictions, says he's concerned the tax cut compromise struck by President Obama and GOP leaders could expose the U.S. to bond vigilantes who will drive up bond yields, resulting in higher borrowing costs for the federal government.

QE2, Day One: Fed Buys $7.3 Billion in Treasuries

Fed Completes First Day oThe Federal Reserve bought $7.3 billion worth of U.S. Treasuries Friday as it started a second round of quantitative easing meant to stimulate the nation's economy, media reports indicate. The plan, designed to boost job creation and prevent deflation, has been highly criticized. f QE2 Treasuries Purchases

Why an M&A Boom Could Be Just Around the Corner

Fears of an economic slowdown have sent stocks reeling and bonds soaring. With companies sitting on record piles of cash and easy credit available, this may lay the foundation for a potential mergers and acquisitions boom -- and help revive equities.

Deflation Jitters Could Be a Buying Opportunity

Market prognosticators are now worried about a possible spiral of falling prices, sending big investors fleeing stocks for safer assets like bonds. But healthy earnings and pockets of strength are emerging, suggesting it's a good time to go against the grain.

Stiglitz Calls for More Government Spending, Debt

Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz says the U.S. government needs to borrow even more money for additional stimulus, and it needs to do so now. Stiglitz argues that additional spending would pay for itself over time if done prudently.

Banks use TARP money to buy U.S. bonds

Here's a good one: Banks that are receiving TARP money are using a portion of that cash to step up the purchases of Treasuries -- which in turn is...

Should the Fed do nothing?

When I was growing up, my parents had a poster in our house with the words "Not to decide is to decide" in bold black letters. Though the quote from...

Are 'safe' assets really safe?

When the markets tanked, there was a flee to safety. Investors abandoned stocks and bought "risk free" assets in droves. Now that the market is...