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Amtrak Reports Record Passenger Numbers

Amtrak set an annual ridership record of 28.7 million passengers for the fiscal year ended September 30. That%u2019s 5.7% more than in fiscal 2009. Ticket revenue rose 9% to $1.74 billion, Amtrak said in a statement.

Amtrak to Offer Free Wi-Fi. Should Airlines Worry?

Business travelers enjoy wi-fi access on some airlines, but not all. Amtrak sees an opening here: It's announced plans to offer wi-fi access on Acela trains between Boston, New York, and Washington, starting in March.

The new face of luxury: Train travel

Lately, it's seemed like a lot of travelers have a one-track mind. With President Obama's push for high speed trains beginning to bear fruit in the...

Finally: Eurorail for Americans

Out of the blue, Amtrak has decided to allow Americans in on the big rail pass scheme that's usually offered only to international visitors. We...