Legal Briefing: The Strong Push to Regulate Derivatives

One of the biggest battles in financial reform is whether derivative trades will move out of the shadows into a public exchange. Derivatives played a major role in the financial meltdown, but because private trades are highly profitable, big banks and their GOP allies are fighting hard against reformers' push for new regulations.

Chinese President Rejects U.S. Calls to Let Yuan Rise

Chinese President Hu Jintao rejected President Barack Obama's call to let the yuan appreciate against the dollar, saying the two nations "should respect each other's core interests and major concerns," and affirmed that his country's monetary policy won't be swayed by "external pressure."

Treasury Secretary Geithner's Trade Diplomacy in China

Timothy Geithner squeezed in a trip to Beijing on his way home from a visit to India. His mission: to diffuse ever-increasing U.S. trade tensions with China ahead of a meeting next week between the two countries' leaders. Chinese officials may be in a mood to compromise.

Jack Perkowski's Top Five Keys to Success in China

Based on his long experience as a Western entrepreneur in China, Jack Perkowski has compiled five top keys to success for American companies that want to business there (looks like Google missed No. 5). Here they are...

College debt? Learn the barter system

And now, a true story of college smarts that really boasts bite: It involves Greg, a recent college graduate who, a few years ago, found himself...

Obama Plans to Double U.S. Exports by 2015

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on Thursday is expected to discuss an ambitious plan to double U.S. exports to $2 trillion by 2015. The initiative will aim to help struggling farmers and small businesses distribute more of their goods -- and seeks to add 2 million jobs to the economy.

China-U.S. trade tussle may get worse

The Clash of the Titans. The Rumble in the Jungle. War of the Roses. None of these tried-and-true cliches properly captures the potential havoc on...

SwapTree: simple, easy online trading

If you're anything like the average consumer you have shelves full of used media; books, games, movies, and music.It's possible that your collection...