trade surplus

China Trade Surplus Grows to $27 Billion

China posted its second-largest trade surprlus of the year in October, giving further ammunition to critics who say that the country%u2019s currency should be stronger. The country%u2019s October exports were worth $27.15 billion more than its imports for the month, the largest figure for any month this year except July, MarketWatch reported.

China's Trade Surplus Soars Again

China's trade surplus rose 140% in June from a year earlier, to $20.02 billion, primarily due to an increase in exports. That set off rumbling in Congress about the need to do something about China's currency, kept artificially low to boost its exports.

Rising Exports Shrink Trade Gap

The nation's trade deficit unexpectedly plunged to $32.9 billion in October, as exports -- aided by the weaker dollar -- rose for the sixth straight month, the U.S. Commerce Department announced Thursday.

Tourist spending plunges in the US

International visits to the United States fell 12 percent in May 2009 from the year before. Those still flying over spent a lot less – only...