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Toyota Revives Miss. Plant, Will Boost U.S. Production

Toyota plans to rev up its vehicle production in the U.S., despite November's 7.3% drop in U.S. sales. The automaker has hired the first of an expected 2,000 workers for a new Mississippi Corolla plant, and says it expects to boost overall capacity utilization significantly from last year's weak levels.

More Consumers Avoiding Toyota

More car shoppers are staying away from Toyota because of the company's recalls and bad publicity over the last year, according to a study by...

Toyota Earnings Preview: Recalls May Hurt

When Toyota Motor reports quarterly earnings tomorrow it will give investors the latest snapshot of how big a toll massive recalls and tepid auto sales are taking on the company's bottom line.

Toyota Denies New Unintended Acceleration Claims

Toyota Motor is once again defending itself against claims that it sought to cover up vehicle defects after it reportedly bought back cars that accelerated unintentionally but failed to disclose the problem to federal safety officials.

Toyota Recalls 1.5 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Toyota Motor is issuing another recall -- this time it involves 740,000 cars and sports-utility vehicles in the U.S. and nearly 600,000 units in Japan to repair a seal on the vehicles' brake master cylinder that may leak fluid and impair braking performance.

Toyota to Recall 373,000 Avalons Sold in the U.S.

Toyota (TM) said it will recall 373,00 Toyota Avalons sold in the U.S. to address steering problems. The Japanese company will recall the 2000-2004 model year Avalon sedans due to potential problems with the steering lock bar, Toyota said in a statement. The Japanese company will recall 373,000 of the 2000-2004 model year Avalon sedans due to potential problems with the steering lock bar, Reuters reported. Toyota will also recall 39,000 of its 2003-2007 model year LX470 sports utility vehicles because of the risk of steering shaft disengagement.

Toyota Hits the Brakes on New Car Development

Acknowledging that "fast growth of the past decade has been too much in some areas for the company to keep up with," a Toyota VP says the carmaker will extend product development by four weeks and add 1,000 engineers to quality control.

Toyota Knew of Lexus Flaw Years Ago

Toyota is facing new accusations that it dragged its feet in issuing a recall. The world's largest auto company recently recalled 270,000 Lexus sedans to fix faulty valve springs that could cause the cars' engines to stall while they are in motion -- a problem it has known about since 2007.

Another Toyota Recall: 270,000 Vehicles Have Faulty Engines

Toyota Motor Corp. said Thursday about 270,000 cars sold worldwide %u2014 including luxury Lexus sedans %u2014 have potentially faulty engines, the latest quality lapse to hit the automaker following massive global recalls of top-selling models. Japan's top-selling daily Yomiuri said in its evening edition that Toyota will inform the transport ministry of a recall on Monday. The paper cited no sources.

Congress Accuses Toyota of Holding Back Information

Congress continues to press Toyota about what it knew when regarding unintended acceleration problems in its vehicles. Lawmakers are now seeking more information about the brake override feature that the automaker has begun installing on new cars and trucks to prevent the malfunctions.

Toyota Recalls 17,000 Lexus HS 250h Hybrids

Toyota has recalled the 2010 Lexus HS 250h hybrid model after government tests showed that in a rear-end collision, it could leak fuel, possibly resulting in a fire. This is the latest in a long string of Toyota recalls over safety defects in its cars.

These Days, a Good Reputation Is Everything

Some companies don't realize how important their reputations are until they're gone, but a new survey of corporate directors shows that reputational risk is their second biggest worry. It should be: As much as 70% of a company's value may rest on that one intangible asset.

Toyota Gets Back to Building a Mississippi Factory

With the recession and car recalls, Toyota had halted construction of a manufacturing facility in Mississippi. Now, the Japanese car maker says it will complete the plant, which will hire some 2,000 workers and supply the U.S. market with Corollas by the fall of 2011.

Toyota Posts Profits, Woes Mount

Toyota announced a profit for its last fiscal year, even in the face of massive recalls. But as the U.S. opens another investigation into its safety practices, investors have to think about the potential damage from fines and lawsuits.

Toyota Agrees to Pay $16.4 Million Fine

Toyota Motor agreed Monday to pay the federal government's record $16.4 million fine for failing to disclose sooner that it knew there were problems with gas pedals in some of its vehicles. Compared with the billions of dollars in losses the company faces the penalty seems small.

Toyota's Second Shoe Drops: Shareholders Sue

Toyota faces several pending class actions that allege it publicly dismissed the seriousness of several design flaws while knowing that the problems might have caused a dramatic sell-off of Toyota shares.