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Obama on the BP Meeting: 'This Is About Accountability'

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg and Chief Executive Tony Hayward met with the president at the White House and agreed to several points aimed at ensuring compensation and claims from the oil spill are handled quickly and fairly.

Will a Corporate Jet Take BP's Tony Hayward to D.C.?

He'll be vilified either way, even though in his situation (oh, likely death threats and all), only a corporate jet makes sense. But as he faces a hostile congressional panel, Hayward's mode of travel will be the least of his worries.

Biz Brief: BP May Cut Dividend

Despite initial attempts to keep its dividend intact, BP may now consider deferring or reducing it in the second-quarter.

Can the BP Oil Spill Get Any Worse? Yes

As the oil spill disaster enters its 49th day, efforts to control the oil flow and the spilled crude continue to be hampered by a lack of information -- and transparency -- from BP. And some troubling evidence raises new questions.

President Obama: How About Kicking Your Own Ass?

The president's latest reactions to the BP oil spill have the media agog about his use of a "naughty word." But it's long past time for cranking up the rhetoric. It's time for Obama to crank up his energy level -- and lead like he's seemingly capable of doing.

BP Delays a Decision About Canceling Its Dividend

BP has been pressured to halt paying its dividend to shareholders to conserve money needed to clean up the oil spill and pay restitution and damages. CEO Tony Hayward says the company "will pay all legitimate claims." So, that dividend cash may yet be needed.

Gulf Coast Tourism: A Well-Oiled Machine?

In May, British Petroleum pledged $70 million to help promote the tourist industry in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi; Louisiana has its own, separate campaign. But can a few million dollars make up for onw of the worst ecological disasters in modern history?

BP CEO Tony Hayward May Be Ousted 'Sometime This Summer'

The odds are growing that embattled BP CEO Tony Hayward will be ousted from his job over his company's continued failure to stop the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, his misstatements in the press have not helped his cause.