todd combs

Blogwatch: The Housing Market Is Poised to Boom

Among the day's top online stories for investors: why the housing market is ready to boom, which sector significantly outperformed the S&P over the past year, and the scoop on Warren Buffett's successor Todd Combs.

Berkshire Investors Struggle With the Todd Combs News

After falling precipitously for most of the day on uncertainty about Combs, Berkshire shares recovered somewhat as investors learned more about him. Combs's Castle Point fund was seeded in 2005 by former Goldman Sachs CEO Steven Friedman's Stone Point Capital.

What Warren Buffett Sees in Potential Heir Todd Combs

Why did Buffett tap Combs? Based on Combs's track record, it's clear that he has done well in financial services stocks while limiting risk. Plus, he shares Buffett's approach to investing -- and for writing amusing investor letters.

Meet the Man Who Could Succeed Warren Buffett

It's the moment many in the financial world have been waiting for: a clue as to whom would succeed the Oracle of Omaha as the chief investment officer at Berkshire Hathaway. Meet Warren Buffett's leading candidate.