Porsche, VW Merger Deal May Fall Apart

If you're still waiting for a merger between VW and sports car maker Porsche to close, don't hold your breath. VW's CEO is warning that it may not happen at all. "The chances are 70 to 30 that it comes to that," Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn said in an interview with Automobilwoche on the edge of a vehicle presentation.

Chrysler's Prospects Riding High

Chrysler, which emerged from bankruptcy owned by its unions, Fiat, and the American taxpayers, is expected to announce its October sales surged 40% year over year.

Prius No.1 in Japan

Toyota's Prius was the No.1 selling car in Japan for the 11th month in a row.

iPad Shortage

Apple launches its new iPad on April 3, but people who order the tablet computer now won't get their iPads right away.

Nissans Recalled

Nissan recalls 539,864 cars for fuel gauge and brake-pin problems.

More Trouble for Toyota

A document has surfaced showing that Toyota apparently bargained with U.S. regulators to limit the scope and cost of a recall.

Toyota May Recall Corolla

The Transportation Department is now looking at steering problems on the Corolla and Toyota may have to add them to the mounting list of recalls.

Inside Toyota's 'Black Box'

Toyota cars have a "black box" that records data about a car's performance and activity and could provide clues about accidents. But Toyota isn't divulging what's inside.

Toyota May Offer Longer Warranties, Cash Back Deals

When it comes to luring car buyers into showrooms, long warranty packages and "cash back" offers are among the oldest tricks in the book. Manufacturers are often reluctant to use these methods, because they're costly. But in Toyota's case, it may not have many other options.

Latest Addition to Toyota Recall List: Tacoma Pickups

Toyota has enough on its hands after the recall of about 8 million cars worldwide for accelerator problems, another recall of 2010 versions of its Prius hybrid for brake issues, Congressional investigations, and product liability suits. But it turns out that the problems won't end there. The company announced Friday that it will recall 8,000 Tacoma pick-ups to fix drive shafts on four-wheel drive models.

How Toyota Killed Earlier Probes

Toyota hired ex-government regulators to kill at least four investigations into problems with its cars in the U.S. That's the conclusion of an investigation by Bloomberg. The news service reports that they helped persuade the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to end probes including those of 2002-2003 Toyota Camrys and Solaras.

Toyota Resignation Watch: Why CEO Will Stay

With Toyota's recall crisis growing worse by the week, the media has begun speculating that CEO Akio Toyoda may resign. It's true that the trouble appeared on his watch, but here's why Toyoda's probably not going anywhere.

Toyota Adds Prius to Recall List, Makes Plea to U.S. Buyers

Beleaguered Toyota recalls nearly a half-million Prius and other hybrid models worldwide, adding another ding to its tarnished reputation. The company also promises U.S. consumers that it will enlist a "blue ribbon safety advisory group" to review its quality control operations.

Toyota's Rosy Forecast

Toyota released earnings for its third quarter ending Dec. 31 and said it posted a profit for the period.

Prius Complaints Add to Toyota's Woes

In another blow to the No. 1 car company, Toyota has been ordered to look into potential brake defects on the latest version of its hybrid Prius, one of its best-selling cars.

Toyota Needs to Move Fast to Save Brand

Crisis management experts say the time is now for Toyota to do everything possible to reassure the public that it's fixing the problems -- and that consumers should not lose faith in the carmaker's reputation for quality. But the company has miles to go to get to that point.

GM Forecasts 2 Million Sales in China in 2010

GM believes that it will sell 2 million vehicles in China this year, a figure well ahead of its previous forecasts. Last year, the No. 1 U.S. carmaker sold 1.83 million units, up 67% from 2008.

Toyota Recalls 2.3 Million Cars

Toyota announced it is recalling 2.3 million vehicles in the U.S. The repairs will cost the Japanese car company hundreds of millions of dollars, but what the news will cost Toyota in sales.

GM CEO Predicts Profit in 2010

Ed Whitacre, chairman and interim CEO of GM, made some bold statements on Wednesday about the No. 1 U.S. car company, foreseeing profits this year and fast repayment of government loans. But those predictions could turn out to be faulty for a number of reasons.