February New Car Sales Jump 16.5%

In December 2012, new car and light truck sales in the U.S. came in at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of about 15.4 million units sold. According...

Car Sales in Europe Almost Disappear

The number of cars sold in Europe reached a historic low in January, and there is not a bit of evidence that the situation will improve soon. The...

Volkswagen Global Deliveries Jump 17%

Volkswagen, which many industry experts expect to pass General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) and Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) as the world's largest car...

U.S. Hybrid Car Sales Up 61% Last Year

2012 was a decent year for sales of alternative energy vehicles in the United States. Not a great year, but not bad. Sales of hybrids rose 61% over...

Foreign Car Companies Face China Flop

Three years ago, China seemed so promising to foreign car companies. Annual sales of cars and light trucks passed those in the United States, which...

Ford, Chrysler Sales See January Jump

Automakers will be reporting January U.S. sales today, and based on the two already out, it appears that it was a very good month. Ford Motor Co....

Toyota Speeds Past GM to Grab the Global Auto Sales Crown Again

Toyota has dethroned General Motors as the world's top-selling automaker. Though both companies' sales increased in 2012, Toyota bounced back from a manufacturing slowdown caused by Japan's 2011 earthquake to sell 9.7 million cars and trucks, while GM's sales rose just 2.9% to 9.29 million.

Why Wall Street Is Betting Against General Motors

Short sellers have significantly increased their bet that GM shares are going to drop: Short interest in the No.1 U.S. car company jumped 26.5% to 41.5 million shares in the two-week period that ended May 15.

Car Prices Jump As Japanese Shortages Grow

Car prices have risen quickly and quietly in the last few weeks. According to auto industry research firm Edmunds, the average amount buyers are paying for cars or light trucks is up $350 since Japan's earthquake and tsunami in March -- and the price of Japanese vehicles is up even more.

Wall Street Ups Bet Against Ford's Stock

Ford has had been nothing but full of good news lately: it recently reported a sharp rise in net income to $2.6 billion and it said that it would maintain its market share in the U.S. America for the balance of the year. So why is Wall Street pessimistic on the stock?

Earthquake, Gas Prices Could Set Back New Car Sales

New car buyers may go on strike -- again. Faced with the rising cost of fuel and parts shortages that could drive up new car prices and make some popular models scarce, consumers in the market for a new car may decide to delay purchases or turn to used cars.

How Japan Quake May Affect U.S. Economy

It's still too early to measure how a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan will impact the U.S. economy. A few things, however, are all but certain.

Face-Off on Stocks: General Motors, Ford, Toyota

With the Great Recession pushing consumers to hold off on car-buying for as long as possible, pent-up demand is now likely to boost the automakers. But an industrywide pickup won't necessarily benefit all players equally. Of GM, Ford and Toyota, which stock might do best?