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Rising Stress Over European Bank Stress Tests

Ever since the Greek debt crisis began worrying investors last month, there have been increasing concerns that European banks could be facing huge losses. Many large banks are being stress tested, and investors are hoping that the results will be made public.

China Promises to Reform Yuan

China promised currency reforms Monday as it opened a high-level dialogue with Washington but said it will decide the pace and pressed for an end to U.S. curbs on high-tech exports.

Henry Paulson's Memoir Is a Cautionary Tale

Henry Paulson's just-published memoir "On the Brink" recalls the financial crisis as it unfolded in the fall of 2008. Far from a gossipy tell-all, it devotes the bulk of its pages to the cautionary tale of how the world's financial system nearly collapsed -- and what he tried to do about it.

Fed to Drop Bid to Keep AIG Bailout Secrets

The Fed is giving up on its fight to keep some of its bailout dealings secret. Chairman Ben Bernanke has invited congressional auditors to review the Fed's aid to AIG. Congress wants to know who benefited from the $62 billion the government gave to the struggling insurer.

Should we break up big banks?

Ever since the news got out that the U.K. plans to force some of its large, bailout-receiving banks to sell off some operations and become smaller,...

Geithner: It's Too Soon to End TARP

Tired of TARP? It doesn't sound like it's going away just yet. The Treasury Secretary gave Congress a strong signal that the $700 billion bailout fund will survive beyond its initial expiration date on Dec. 31. The government "is actually close to the point" where the program can end, but not there yet.

AIG's Liddy talks to lawmakers

American International Group (AIG) CEO Edward Liddy is speaking before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today, discussing the...

AIG hysteria reaches fever pitch

America is pissed -- and so are its Congressmen. According to MSNBC.com, the House of Representatives and Senate is each expected to introduce...