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Can Al Jazeera Capitalize on Its Newfound Popularity?

The Qatar-based network is getting international kudos for its coverage of the growing Middle East crisis. But acclaim and a growing audience don't yet equal profits and market share for Al Jazeera, which has almost certainly been losing money since its launch in 1996.

The News Biz Glimpses a Cable-TV Model in the Booming iPad News Apps

Apple has just annointed Flipboard, an innovative news aggregation app, as its App of the Year. It's just one of several such apps that sort of mimic how cable companies operate as bundlers of content. And therein lies the promise of a mass, ad-supported business model.

Cox Communications Launches Cell Network

Cox Communications is taking on wireless companies on its own turf by launching a long-anticipated cellular service in three scattered markets where it already provides cable.

Is the Web Dead? No.
But It's at Risk

Wired magazine has just declared the demise of the wild, open web, eclipsed by discrete apps and walled gardens -- all controlled by powerful corporations like Apple. Here's how this dire vision dovetails with the Google-Verizon net neutrality deal.

Some Relativity Movies Say Bye to Cable, Hi to Netflix

In a deal worth more than $100 million per year, Netflix has snagged Relativity Media movies away from cable channels like HBO and Showtime starting next year. Will the ability to stream those movies win Netflix more fans?

A Pot Portfolio: Who Stands to Profit if Marijuana Is Legalized?

When the state of California announced that a marijuana legalization measure would be on its November ballot, the ensuing discussion covered a range of topics from medicine to morality. But few pundits brought up the biggest factor of them all: money. With a potential market of millions of pot smokers, decriminalization of marijuana could open the door to a vast, largely-untapped market for smoking paraphernalia, accessories, and other lifestyle accoutrements.

Aiming for Apple: Sprint Unveils Evo Phone

Paging Apple's legal dept. Sprint announced the first WiMax smart phone Tuesday, the HTC Evo 4G, which runs on Google's Android platform. It's the first phone designed to run on Clearwire's 4G WiMax network. It's also a clear challenge to Apple, which recently sued HTC over Android.

The Cablevision-Disney Oscar Fight Hints of Things to Come

While the two sides in this dispute reached a tentative agreement to settle before millions of viewers were left with no Academy Awards telecast, more fights like this are bound to occur. So, don't be too quick to ditch your rabbit ears.

Microsoft Xbox Challenges Cable TV

Microsoft plans to use its XBox Live as a means to stream movies and TV shows into people's homes. If the extremely ambitious program eventually works as planned, customers could have no need for their cable TV.

Fox Appears to Win Time Warner Fee Dispute

Fox and Time Warner Cable have reached a deal keeping the network on the cable provider after Fox threatened to walk over a fee dispute. The deal's suddenness likely means Fox got the better end, as the cable giant risked having subscribers go elsewhere for Fox programming.

Fox, Time Warner Reach Fee Deal

Football fans and "American Idol" devotees can breathe a sigh of relief. Fox and Time Warner Cable have reached a deal in principle that will keep the network on the cable provider after Fox threatened to pull the plug over a fee dispute.

The Net's Threat to Cable's Cozy World

Apple is just the latest in an expanding list of competitors taking aim at the future of televised media, and the combined assault could finally deliver a major blow to cable's immensely profitable business model.

Are You Ready for No Football?

Time Warner Cable and Fox Television are going head to head over carrying fees. The battle has escalated, and now Fox is threatening to withhold its channel from Time Warner on Jan. 1, potentially denying millions of viewers in 28 states access to NFL football games in the new year.

Stocks in the news: MBIA, Tyco, Beazer

MBIA (MBI) shares dropped over 13% ahead of the bell after the bond insurer reported Monday heavier losses in its insurance business than expected....

Buy your bandwidth by the pound

As the internet age evolves, companies in the delivery chain are scrambling to find the right economic model to Googlize their fortunes. The latest...